Wurstfilm – Der U-Bahn Fister (2022)

Studio Name: Wurstfilm
Stars: Adrian Marko, Bob, Dino, Frank Philipp, Luis Endres, Lupus, Matthieu Paris
Description: There’s a sex-crazed maniac on the loose in Berlin’s U-Bahn: unsuspecting travellers are being used and abused during their underground journey. Mercilessly, the victims are fucked and fisted on their public benches. Who wouldn’t want a season ticket? Even on the tracks nobody is safe; the U-Bahn Fister throws a bootsbag from behind over his victims’ heads before dragging them into the catacombs. Here the delinquents have to endure his cock and fists over and over again, complete with a bucket load of Subway-Piss. Guys, watch out when travelling in the Berlin Underground … the U-Bahn Fister will play his tricks on you too!

Size: 1.25 GB

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