NakedSword – First Mission (2022)

Studio Name: NakedSword
Stars: Andre Donovan, Cade Maddox, Dani Robles, Dean Young, Josh Moore, Logan Moore, Pol Prince, Sean Austin
Description: Fresh off his training to join an elite group of porn star secret agents, new recruit Andre Donovan is jetting off to France for his First Mission. Directed by the award-winning Marc MacNamara and filmed on location in Paris and Lanzarote, this third installment of the The Swords saga sees Andre teaming up with a crew of international gay porn stars in an attempt to thwart Cade Maddox and Josh Moore as they gear up to distribute a life-threatening truth pill that transforms your everyday lies into a real-life truth. Will these men stop these menacing schemes and dubious clan of bad guys? Will good prevail when this international showdown comes to an explosive face-off? All will be revealed as Andre aligns himself with the world’s top bareback agents to complete his very First Mission.

Size: 5.46 GB

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