TreasureIslandMedia – Jarod Steel: Manfux Redux (2021)

Studio Name: TreasureIslandMedia
Stars: Cody Winter, Danny Mountain, Dev Tyler, Jack Dixon, Jameson Ash, Jarod Steel, Jay Taylor, Jesse Clark, Johnny Castro, Jordan C, Louie L’Amour, Max Ferro, Peyton Chrimata, Riley Landon, Sky Soren, Wolfie Braden Shaw
Description: These pig fuckers pass Jarod back and forth, fucking his asshole into a sloppy mess before double fucking him, making him beg for one at a time. Be careful what you ask for. Wolfie tells him “it’s what you wanted,” and they just continue using him until they are both ready to breed him full of man seed.

Size: 3.14 GB


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