Staxus – Shoot This (2015)

Studio Name: Staxus
Director: John Smith
Stars: Zoltan Goral, Edward Fox, Carl Ross, Shane Hirch, Roman Smid, Troy Vara, Justin Maher, Ariel Glutton, Ryan Torres,
Description: When you’re as fucking gorgeous as this bunch of over-sexed beauties, it’s only natural that the camera’s your very best friend. Indeed, spending time in front of the lens is almost like breathing to these lads ‘ and geez, aren’t we the lucky ones to enjoy their flawless features and their big, fat, uncut cocks! But in their more private moments it’s shooting of a very different nature that concentrates the minds of these boys on film; as Noah Matous, Shane Hirch and new boy, Edward Fox, go mad for raw ass and hot, gooey spunk time and time again!

Size: 1.1 GB

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