Jocks – Driver (2005)

Studio Name: Jocks
Stars: Matt Majors, Erik Rhodes, Derrick Vinyard, Tyler Marks, Roman Heart, Andrew Bryant, Benjamin Bradley, Hunter James, Rod Barry, Tony Bishop, Cypher
Description: Erik Rhodes is the Driver. Each night he drives the streets alone: sometimes picking up customers, sometimes picking up much more … Our Driver, Erik Rhodes, first pick up is Derrick Vinyard. The bossy client enjoys barking orders at Erik, quickly going from “Pick up my bags” to “bend over”. He gives him a fucking he wont soon forget. Erik recounts a sordid sight he saw while doing his rounds: In an alley, two seamen Tyler Marks and Rod Barry on leave are caught pissing in an alley by cruel MP Matt Majors. Rest assured that before the scene is up, the tables are turned. Somewhere in the naked city, in a window, two lovers — Roman Heart and Benjamin Bradley — make love like lovers to: Slowly, romantically, and with feeling. When Erik Rhodes picks up Hunter James, who has just been stood up by his boyfriend, he knows how to show him a good time. He takes him to the backroom of a sex club where they have an orgy with Cypher, Andrew Bryant and Tony Bishop. .

Size: 1.65 GB

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