Older4Me – Nasty Daddies 1 (2008)

Studio Name: Older4Me
Stars: Carlo Stefano, Francisco Andreas, German Daddy, Giles, Lou, Mystery Man (i), Neville, Rocco (Older4Me), Sir Phillips, Tom of Norway
Description: Carlo Stefano delivers a great top performance with a young undecided fellow who doesn’t know if a big cock in his ass is what he likes best. But there’s nothing like a handsome, aggressive Italian to show him the way. German Daddy and Rocco star in a scene entitled Torque, which by definition is “rotational impact or angular impact which causes a change in rotational motion.” When used in sex, it’s simply getting your ass fucked really hard by an extremely large penis. Tom of Norway and Francisco Andreas star in a plot seen over and over again… the BF comes back from work and they end up in bed. You have to see this Older4Me version – it’s amazingly hot! Two more steamy scenes make this movie a definite Older4Me hit!

Size: 1.57 GB


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