MEN – Royally Fucked (2023)

Studio Name: MEN
Stars: Joey Mills, Justin Jett, Dean Young, Kyle Fox, Sir Peter
Description: A prince’s life isn’t all play and no work; for example, today Prince Sir Peter is giving a lecture to a tour group of Men University students. But when the prince lays eyes on hot twink Joey Mills, he can’t concentrate on describing the antique palace furnishings… especially after Joey crawls behind the podium and starts sucking his cock! Joey loves how expensive that dick tastes, and once the rest of the tour group leads, the handsome prince rips open the commoner’s jeans and shows him what it means to be royally fucked. Sir Peter pounds the bottom doggystyle and fucks his mouth, even lifting him up for an upside-down blowjob. Joey rides His Majesty’s cock until he cums and takes a Royal Facial. Has the Playboy Prince finally found his perfect partner?

Size: 3.55 GB


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