NakedBeauty – My First Time Avoiding Jail (2023)

Studio Name: NakedBeauty
Stars: Ben, David Reeve, Eric Tomfor, George Boston, Jay Bush, Katja Creig, Larry McCormick, Mark Cole, Michael Lane, Paul Day, Rosta Benecry, Tyler Jonas
Description: When a young man gets into trouble with the law for the first time, it is only understandable that he’ll do anything to avoid the full consequences of his mistakes. Even to the point of surrendering his untouched ass to the whims and passions of guys who have a liking for such innocent beauties. That’s certainly the predicament that the likes of Tyler Jonas and Mark Cole find themselves in during the course of this brilliant installment My First Time Avoiding Jail from Naked Beauty, as hunky brutes like Zack Hood make the most of the opportunity to give such gorgeous lads the banging of a lifetime. Needless to say, it’s no time at all before these fresh-faced darlings are being ravaged to breaking point, with a facial reward serving as the ultimate indignation.

Size: 4.59 GB


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