KristenBjorn – EL Rancho (2007)

Studio Name: KristenBjorn
Stars: Alex Bogan, Alex Ferrari, Alex Monetti, Carlos Dispone, Carlos Montenegro, David Vega, Fabian Andrades, Jean Franko, Jordi Casal, Jorge Ballantinos, Marvin, Daniel, Matthias Vannelli, Mike Gonda, Murat Cipiere, Pedro Andreas, Peter Burg, Rado Pauer, Ricardo Safado, Rocky Oliveira, Tibor Cernan, Tommy Alvarez, Tony Duke
Description: Carlos Montenegro is a horse rancher who realizes that life with his wife isn’t where his fantasies lie. At night he dreams of the hot ranch hands who surround him. Until one fateful day, Carlos is finally raptured by a group of horny ranch studs who initiate him into the world of man to man sex.

Size: 2.59 GB


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