FrenchArt – Cadinot Classics 1 (2001)

Studio Name: FrenchArt
Stars: Bruno de Walberg, Christian Hoarau, Farid Zenogin, Frederic Lemaire, Laurent Miala, Lorenzo Belini, Mathias Chamberlain, Michel Lenne, Pierre Tanguy, Raphael Carter, Sydney McKenna, William Delem, Elyes Ardini, Lucien Malard
Description: Cadinot is releasing his classic short films from the early 1980s in value compilation form. Seeing as how each of these short film have for years been only available as single VHS videos at premium prices, this is to be welcomed. Cadinot Classics 1 contains four complete Cadinot films: Escalier de Service (1987), Le Chantier (1980), Stop (1980), Garcons de Reves (1981)

Size: 1.58 GB


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