HISVideo – Boot Black 2: Spit Shine (1995)

Studio Name: HISVideo
Stars: Aiden Shaw, Alex Kincaid, Casey Jordan, Cliff Parker, Dave Logan, Devyn Foster, Donnie Russo, Jeff Austin, Kurt Manning, Michael Parks, Rick Drake, Ricky Starr, Rip Stone, Rob Cryston, York Powers
Description: When Chi Chi LaRue trotted out Boot Black, everyone wondered how and if she could top it. Well, stop wondering. Boot Black 2 is here. Return with Miss LaRue as she ushers us once more into the dark, seedy underbelly of leather sex club cruising as seen through the eyes of a particularly busy boot black. Why, it’s like spending the evening at a leather bar without having to be degreased afterwards!

Size: 937.76 MB


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