FrenchTwinks – US Road Dick (2021)

Studio Name: FrenchTwinks
Stars: Alex Killborn, Chris Loan, Chris Summers, Doryann Marguet, Enzo Lemercier, Justin Stone, Luke Allen, Paul Delay
Description: Aboard a flamboyant red jeep, Paul Delay, Enzo Lemercier, Chris Loan and Doryann Marguet start their American Road Trip, on the legendary Route 66. Our four French guys are overly excited and drive at a brisk pace to go from Los Angels to Las Vegas, but when Chris decides to test the performance of the 4×4 in the dunes the journey quickly turns into a nightmare. Will the friendship’s between the four boys survive a trip to the Sin City ? Will the Americans be welcoming with these foreigners ? Is sex really the foundation of a couple ? Discover without delay the biggest ever movie produced by French Twinks.

Size: 1.7 GB


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