BearFilms – Puppy Play Time (2016)

Studio Name: BearFilms
Stars: Pup Kairo, Pup Astro, Pup Trash, Doug E Behr, Pocket Cub, Pup Diesel, Gabe Duval, Cameron Nelson, Lanz Adams, Tiger (V)
Categories: Age, Appearance, Bareback, Beards, Bears, Character, Clothing, Cops/Prison, Daddies, Fetish, Group Sex, Masks, Natural Body Hair, Oral, Orgy, Rimming
Description: Puppy hoods, wagging tails, mitts, and fetching balls. That’s what pups are made of. But we’re not talking actual dogs. We’re talking about men who drop their human persona and mentally become dogs the moment they don their pup gear. These men experience a certain freedom in slipping out of their daily routine and living in the now. They enjoy playtime with their Master – as well as belly rubs, pats on the head and a good scratch behind the ears – and the exhilaration that comes with letting go. A bit like cosplay, puppy play isn’t just a fetish. It’s a mindset. It’s not always sexual but, lucky for us, Doug E Behr, Pup Astro, Pup Kairo, Tiger, Gabe Duval, Cameron Nelson, Pup Trash, Pocketcub, Pup Diesel, and Lanz Adams all get boners after playing with, then mounting their pups on all fours. Slipping them a big raw bone, the handlers give their pups special cum treats in the end! But dont get the wrong idea. Not all pups are submissive, as youll soon see in Puppy Play Time.

Size: 4.6 GB

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