BearFilms – Fur Crazed Man Whores (2017)

Studio Name: BearFilms
Stars: Bearsilien, John Lock, Teddy Torres, Phil Mehup, Buster Nasstee, Guy English, Jean Paul, Scott Matthews
Categories: Age, Amateur, Appearance, Bald Guys, Bareback, Beards, Bears, Daddies, Natural Body Hair, Oral, Rimming
Description: There’s nothing like a hairy man to make your butthole twitch and your cock swell. Its all about their virile manhood and the fur that makes them look so fucking hawt. With Teddy Torres, John Lock, Scott Matthews, Guy English, Buster Nastee, Phil Mehup, Jean Paul and Bearsilien, youll just about be able to taste their sweat on your tongue and feel their hirsute masculinity as they get down and dirty, sucking and fucking. They’re not just manwhores. Like you, they’re Fur Crazed Man Whores.

Size: 3.82 GB

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