TreasureIsland – We Are Coming For You (2016)

Studio Name: TreasureIsland
Director:Paul Morris
Stars: Mark Davis, Ed Hunter, Johnny (VI), Max Cameron, Wolfie Blue, Adam Avery, Brad McGuire, Calvin, Fyerfli, Ian Jay, Cutler X, The Fucktard, The Newborn, Keer
Description: From the beginning, Ive made porn to show one thing and one thing alone: mansex is a world, a language, a religion. If youre a man, all that you need to know is displayed right there, plain as day. There are two meanings to the title of this vid. To those who are with us, who understand the power and the ageless meaning of man-sex, this is your heritage, your lineage, your identity. And the men you watch are coming for you, as you and with you. To those who stand against us for whatever reason – political, religious, prejudice or ignorance – we are coming for you. What we are carries the deepest and most enduring knowledge of the human species. This is our sacred right, as close to us as our skin, our sweat, our muscles, our bones and our seed. Manfucking is the heart and seed not only of a cult or a culture, but of a world. We embrace and embody our primal and native behaviors as men. We are the spawn of the daemons of our sex: our fucking is the holy consecration of ourselves and our world. To those who thoughtlessly or maliciously try to diminish, shame or impede any of our kind, to those who resist the inevitable and ancient power of who we are and what we have performed together since the dawn of time, I say with all my heart: I am coming for you.

Size: 1.75 GB

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