TitanMen – Holler (2002)

Studio Name: TitanMen
Director: Brian Mills, Harold Creg
Stars: Sean Paris, Sam Ford, Joey Dino, Slate Rassado, Drew Peters, Dean Johnson, Mark West, Dixon Parker, Ben Foster, Leo Tanner
Categories: Muscles, Anal, Safe Sex, Exclusive,
Description: Reckon you’re thinkin’ things are mighty tuckered out down in the holler nowadays. The old mine’s been boarded up so long it’s collapsing into ruins. And the rain’s keepin’ the menfolk all cooped up. But the horny guys ain’t festerin’. In a funky trailer, the stable’s tack room, an unfinished cabin, and especially that abandoned mine, eleven unshaven, hairy chested, hard bodied and heavy hung TITANMen bust their raging rockabilly gonads loose with a backroads passion that’s just plain dirty. .

Size: 2.21 GB

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