TitanMen – Criminal Intent (2010)

Studio Name: TitanMen
Director:Brian Mills Paul Wilde
Stars: David Anthony, Dario Beck, Eric Glock, Tony Buff, Will Parker, Alessio Romero, Leo Alarcon,
Description: You can lock your doors and hide, but it won’t matter. In Criminal Intent, resistance is futile as a pack of hardened criminals and their victims — led by TitanMen exclusives Leo Alarcon, David Anthony, Dario Beck, Tony Buff and Will Parker — lead an orifice assault that spits in the face of law and order. Bend over and take it like a man in this frenzied display, where breaking and entering never felt so good. Scruffy studs Leo Alarcon and Dario Beck would rather focus on each other’s toned, hairy bodies than their criminal activity as a steamy flip fuck ensues. Businessman Eric Glock is stunned by a charging Tony Buff — who wrestles him to the pool before a balls-deep fuck leaves the bottom breathless. Security guard Will Parker doesn’t stand a chance against muscled goons David Anthony and Alessio Romero, who manhandle their captive in an animalistic threeway.

Size: 1.92 GB

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