TitanMen – Men’s Room III: Ozark Mtn. Exit 8 (2007)

Studio Name: TitanMen
Director: Joe Gage
Stars: Arpad Miklos, Damien Crosse, Alex Baresi, Tyler Saint, Brody Newport, Dillon Buck, Jack Bond, Dane Hyde, Jesse Santana, Tober Brandt, Park Wiley
Description: Award-winning director Joe Gage takes us on a totally perverse tour of the Ozark Mountains with the latest installment of his sex-in-public restrooms series, Men’s Room III: Ozark Mtn. Exit 8. With Joe at the helm, you can expect all types of men fucking and sucking every which way but loose. The action starts with sheriffs Brody Newport and Dane Hyde taking a piss at a trough, seemingly more interested in each other’s cocks than merely pissing. When they catch TitanMen exclusive Dillon Buck watching, it quickly turns into a piss-drenched fuck-and-suck threesome with each guy shooting two loads apiece.

Size: 1.56 GB

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