Staxus – Total Abuse (2015)

Studio Name: Staxus
Stars: Dan, Traxx
Categories: Fetish, BDSM, Euro, International, Anal, Punishment, Safe Sex, High Definition, Exclusive
Description: Trax is a French sub, Dan is a British dom. Poles apart, you’d think they had absolutely nothing in common. Put them together in a room, however, and you quickly realise just how much they need each other. Dan is a spiteful, mean-mouthed bully; Trax is his perfect counterpart, acting out the role of ‘dog’ and ‘bitch’ to full effect. Slapping, spanking, cock-teasing and all-out sexual abuse ensue, with Trax eventually strapped to a cross and ultimately fucked. Total abuse of another human being has never looked so sick – or so fucking hot!

Size: 2.43 GB

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