SpunkVideo – Raw Sweat: Fist (2006)

Studio Name: SpunkVideo
Stars: Fyerfli, Nick Horn, Billy Cochran, Pete Venturi, Jessie Balboa, Spencer Hartt, Alan Gregory, J.C. Scott Christensen
Description: When we came back to pick it up with some fresh faces (and butts), there was still a hint of testosterone-infused man smell. Fli was hard within seconds of walking back on the set (and that’s when you know you’re working with a pro). He was joined by Billy Cochran on the fuck bench for some 69-ing, while Spencer ‘Rosebud’ Hart and Jessie Balboa got busy in the sling. While Rosebud is primarily a bottom, which we soon see in its full bloom, he started sucking on Jessie’s hole, coaxing it to open up. Fli, meanwhile, takes Billy’s hole and makes it his own in a matter of seconds. Prior to this flick, Fli had some personal fisting experience, but none on film. You’d never know it.

Size: 625.03 MB

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