SouthernBareback – Intimate Touch (2018)

Studio Name: SouthernBareback
Stars: Aiden Ward, Declan Moore, Grayson Lange, Jackson Reed, Seth Knight
Description: A knowing look, a boy smile, and an intimate touch are the hallmarks of seduction. These muscle tops and willing bottoms are full of pheromones and they hang heavy in the air. They take their time to admire each others’ toned bodies, tight ball sacs, and solid cocks. These handsome men are passionate as their cocks speak for them while their fingers and tongues stimulate, tease, and arouse. They are drawn together by mutual desire, and they share a passionate embrace in the locker room. Their lips collide for deep-rooted kisses, while their cocks grind against one another, making it even more difficult. The sex will leave you wanting more from beginning to end.

Size: 2.15 GB

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