RagingStallion – The Toolbox Trilogy Part 1: Drilled (2004)

Studio Name: RagingStallion
Stars: Brendan Austen, Eric Evans, Jerek, Robert Black, Shane Rollins, Simon Cox, Wilhelm Dragon
Categories: Anal Sex, Dildos, Toys, Fisting, Three Ways, Orgies
Description: Raging Stallion head honcho Chris Ward built his career by being one of America’s great fisting performers and directors. For almost ten years his films have been considered the top entries in the growing field of handball films and his legendary status has grown with each new release. As Ward has often said, “fisting is not just a product–it is a lifestyle! ” Fisting films made by fisting men–this is the key to why Raging Stallion ranks as one of the top handball studios today!

Size: 1.69 GB

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