RagingStallion – Lords Of The Jungle (2006)

Studio Name: RagingStallion
Director: Chris Ward Ben Leon
Stars: Jake Deckard, Steve Cruz, Rambo, Justin Christopher, Collin O’Neal, Jason Crew, Jay Black, Mario Cruz, Marc LaSalle, Matt Cole, Blake Nolan
Categories: Muscles, Outdoors, Anal, Safe Sex, Exclusive
Description: Something has happened. Ten men have struggled to shore, washed up on a muddy beach and lucky to be alive. They are dirty and tired, hungry and desperate. They will do anything to get rescued–and anything to survive! The sun is blistering and brutal, the beach dry and hot. To live they must enter the thick, mysterious jungle and fend for themselves in what will become an adventure of a lifetime! As the days drag on the tropical heat drives each man wild. Testosterone builds and relief is nowhere in sight! Finally they turn to each other and the island becomes a stage for sexual struggle. Fucking each other like savages, these men become primitive by instinct, requiring only food and sex for survival!

Size: 1.65 GB

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