PacificSun – Airborne (2002)

Studio Name: PacificSun
Stars: Rick Bauer, Sergio Foster, Brian Wels, Christopher Baldwin, Fabrice Felder, Jack Laurel, Tony Magera, Claudio Antonelli, Leslie Manzel, Eddy Ryan, Roberto Giorgio, Justin Stewart, Carlos Reno, Mark Vlady, Daniel Paxton, Gilbert Bosco, Nico Luchini
Description: Every day is about business…until a 1.9 million dollar deal stakeout gets busted. One radiant look in the eye quickly drops two hot commando’s to their knees, sucking 2 rock hard, horny, black- tied business men in a sizzling 4 way at the VIP lounge. One naked moment alone with Roberto Giorgio a VIP Jacuzzi doesn’t last long in the spirit of innocence. Roberto licks and eats every part of your body before surrendering his aching man hole while others slip into the water and ease into a sex orgy. Three hot bodied men with raging hard-ons gang up in Leslie Manzel in full and use him as a human man sling to reach his deepest hidden fantasy while onlookers in the hallway get turned on before getting arrested and taken away in a van. One can only hope to be taken to a place where hotter XXX action takes place!

Size: 1.49 GB

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