NakedSword – Islas Canarias (2022)

Studio Name: NakedSword
Stars: Austin Sugar, Valentin Amour, Sir Peter, Craig Marks, Bastian Karim, Sam Steiner, Apolo Adrii, Oskar Ivan, Logan Moore, and Johnny Viper
Description: Anyone visiting ‘Islas Canarias’ knows that the only thing more gorgeous than the scenic volcanic beaches, cultural landmarks, and oceanic views are the men roaming around each and every island. Directed by the award-winning Marc MacNamara and shot on location in the Canary Islands, this bareback film follows ten of Europe’s hottest models as they venture out to explore the sights of these islands and the bodies of the men that inhabit them. When you see first-hand how these European heartthrobs are erupting on a daily basis, it’s easy to see why the volcanic islands of ‘Islas Canarias’ have such an explosive reputation.

Size: 5.06 GB

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