NakedSword – Get. Away. (2022)

Studio Name: NakedSword
Stars: Diego Sans, Beau Butler, Ricky Roman, Damien Crosse, Michael Boston, Reign
Description: Boyfriends Diego Sans and Beau Butler are joined by best friend Michael Boston for a tropical Get.Away. The group is in need of some relaxation and the luxurious resort has lured them in with the promise of pristine coconut-tree lined beaches, where the clear, teal-tinted waters meet the sand. Online reviews are glowing – what could go wrong? Right after landing the trio’s plane takes off leaving them stranded on a deserted island, long-since abandoned and cut off from cell reception. They stumble upon two local guys, Ricky Roman and Reign and the mystery, mayhem, and action begin to unfold. Soon the friends realize they are in some sort of twisted game – but whose? Award-winning director Marc MacNamara directs this all-star cast in intense, thrilling action including sensational bareback pairings featuring Michael and Reign, Diego and Beau, Reign and Ricky, and Diego Sans with Damien Crosse. On this trip, nothing is what it seems. Will they Get.Away. in time before the sun sets on their dream vacation?

Size: 4.03 GB

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