NakedBeauty – College Lust (2022)

Studio Name: NakedBeauty
Stars: Charlie Dean, Steve Weaver, Tim Law, Milan Silver, Zac Law, Chester Owen, David Doren, Connor Rex, Ron Negba
Description: A young mans first days at college are always an eye-opening experience; but take it from us when we tell you that it’s not just eyes that get opened in this sordid adventure. The fact is that asses get stretched to the max too, as a bevy of horned up sluts, including Connor Rex, Zac Law and Chester Owen, forget their studies in favour of some of the hottest, horniest twink action imaginable. You’d never think they’d be quite so filthy just from looking at them; but it’s no time before each and every one of them is acting the whore, with dicks on show and balls bouncing away like you wont believe. No question about it, you’re gonna be wanking yourself crazy to these sluts in College Lust, all of whom produce an unbelievable blast of hot cum.

Size: 4.44 GB

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