LucasKazan – Matthias: The Italian Stallion (2017)

Studio Name: LucasKazan
Stars: Daniele Montana, Bruno Boni, Matthias Vannelli, Alessio Mancini, Ettore Tosi, Gennaro Grimaldi, Lucas Andrades, Sasha Byazrov, Erik Lenn, Roberto Giorgio, Jean Franko, Ricky Martinez, Matt Van Dorn, Karel Rok
Categories: Euro, International, Anal, Compilation, Safe Sex, Exclusive
Description: Embark on Matthias Vannelli’s journey from his first solo to his quick rise to stardom in this anthology that features fourteen men over the course of eleven scenes and never-before released footage. Matthias is one of the more beautiful men walking the planet, and this great introduction to director Lucas Kazan’s gorgeous, award-winning catalog of titles will prove it to you.

Size: 2.18 GB

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