LucasEntertainment – Trapped In The Game (2010)

Studio Name: LucasEntertainment
Stars: Aaron Mark, Jonathan Agassi, Giuseppe Pardi, Harry Louis, Hugo Martin, Adam Killian, Rob Nelson, Ashton Sorenson
Description: ‘Trapped In The Game” is this year’s heart and dick throbbing blockbuster!
Follow Jonathan Agassi in his true-to-life move to Berlin as he seeks a new type of intensity in the gritty city. But all is not what it seems when he wakes up drugged and stripped in a downtown plaza. Jonathan is thrown into a race against time by a maniacal puppet master who is playing him as a pawn in a game of life, death and sex!
Featuring four explosive sex scenes with the aggression and passion of an all-star cast!

Size: 2.06 GB

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