LucasEntertainment – Lucas Men Fuck Party (2023)

Studio Name: LucasEntertainment
Stars: Bruno Galvez, Harold Lopez, Dom King, Pol Prince, Alex Cabrera, Craig Marks, Ricky Hard, Rudy Gram, Kosta Viking, Jordan Jameson, Oliver Hunt, Leo Moz
Description: Join Ricky Hard, Kosta Viking, Pol Prince, Jordan Jameson, Bruno Galvez, Rudy Gram, Harold Lopez, Craig Marks, Dom King, and Alex Cabrera for an exclusive two-part Lucas Men Fuck Party. But once the party clears out, the action doesn’t stop. Rudy Gram returns for another round of sex – this time fucking the plump little peach-cheeks of the adorable Oliver Hunt. And the macho stud Harold Lopez gives newcomer Leo Moz a prostate pounding he won’t soon forget.

Size: 4.09 GB

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