KristenBjorn – The Anchor Hotel (1997)

Studio Name: KristenBjorn
Stars: Mark Anthony, Dean Spencer, Pedro Pandilla, Rafael Perez, Andras Garotni, Ivan Cseska, Sandor Vesanyi, Gabor Szabo, Ferenc Botos, Sasha Borov, Antonio DiMarco, Mateo Torres, Tyson Cane, Andres Navarro, Bruno Bianchi, Leo Rayos, Igor Natenko, Karl Letovski
Description: What do sailors from Britain, Ireland, Colombia and Russia all have in common? Whenever their ships sail into the port of Miami, they all stay at a run down flop house called The Anchor Hotel. 23 of the most ball stirring men from Europe and Latin America are all yours in this 2 hour long journey of pure pleasure. This is one boat you won’t want to miss!

Size: 1.78 GB

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