Falcon – VIP: The Hustle (2015)

Studio Name: Falcon
Stars: Dorian Ferro, Killian James, Jason Maddox, Alex Mecum, Scott Riley, Brian Bonds, Armando De Armas, Johnny V., Sebastian Kross
Categories: Feature Muscles Anal Safe Sex High Definition Exclusive
Description: Money! Power! Sex! VIP: The Hustle, part one of the two part Falcon Fall Blockbuster, takes you behind the velvet ropes and into the world of a Las Vegas male strip club. Award-winning filmmaker Tony DiMarco directs an all-star cast, in a story filled with strippers’ poles, hot assets and lap dances that will get anyone to rise to the occasion! VIP gives you the full monty of the inner workings of this sultry and seductive home to Vegas’ sexiest and horniest club staff and strippers. With the hottest studs on the Vegas strip fucking each other in VIP: The Hustle, you’re going to want to get your pass beyond the velvet rope and into this supercharged, sensual and seductive VIP area.

Size: 1.89 GB

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