Falcon – Out Of Athens 1 (2007)

Studio Name: Falcon
Stars: Hans Ebson, Travis Wade, Franco Corsini, Dean Phoenix, Billy Kincaid, Seth Adkins, Emilio Santos, Tristan Paris, Johnny Brosnan, Jeremy Tucker, Nick Young, Cameron Fox, Jeremy Jordan, Eric Leneau, Roland Dane,
Description: Blessed by the gods, with a handsome face and a noble physique, Johnny Brosnan sets out on his personal odyssey to conquer new worlds. Armed with a bit of luck, deception, and enough daring bravado, the young Adonis journeys to Greece, forging hot, sexual bonds and alliances — and he endures a gang bang payback for his duplicity — with a pantheon of god-like, sun-bronzed titans.

Size: 788 MB

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