EmoTwink – Me And My Buddy (2019)

Studio Name: EmoTwink
Stars: Seth Savage, Zaccary Plastic, Josh Holden, Josh Osbourne, Elliot Hawke, Leo Jones, Tyler Arches, Brooke Summers (m), Sean Taylor
Categories: Euro, Twink, Bareback, Anal, Uncut, High Definition
Description: These Emos take bromance to the next level when they lead their buddy to the bedroom and plant their lips full on theirs. Reciprocated, the kiss gets heated as tongues entwine and hands that were holding the embrace snake over slender backs and edge downward to squeeze tight butt cheeks and hardening dicks. Making for the bed, these new lovers are eager to taste each other and take it in turns to swill and suck solid cocks and tight balls. Vanilla sex all the way as these boys take their time to slip their manhoods between peachy orbs and feel the elation as they slide easily into a lubed-up boy butt. Me And My Buddy gives you five scenes of intense Emo bonding!

Size: 3.80 GB

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