DawgPoundUSA – Dick Delicious (2019)

Studio Name: DawgPoundUSA
Stars: Black Panther, Brazilian Caham, Krave Melanin, Noah Donovan, Romero Santos, Seth Knight, Sevyn9, Trent King, X L, Xcel
Description: Dawgpound brothaz are packing some of the biggest dicks in the bizness. We got those fine-ass muthafuckaz Noah Donovan and Trent King here; these brothas got two feet of long, hard dick between them. With that much dick in the room we need bottom brothas with a serious love for the bone. When it comes to getting dicked, Brazilian Caham is the man. Rockin’ a fresh ’80s retro ‘fro with a sweet bubble-booty made for big, veiny, cum-dripping dick. These brothaz love dick and ass and ain’t afraid to show it.

Size: 1.63 GB

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