CorbinFisher – Fresh-Faced Freshmen 6 (2022)

Studio Name: CorbinFisher
Stars: Jack, Kellan, Lane, Brayden, Holden, Dane, Patrick
Description: Corbin Fisher’s fresh faced freshmen have arrived on campus ready to experiment and explore! The flawlessly hot young all-American college jocks might have been well-behaved and innocent back in high school, but now that they’re let loose on campus, overflowing with testosterone, and eager to try new things, they’re giving and getting it balls-deep for all of us to see! Holden Feeds Patrick, Jaden Explodes on Dane, Kellan Plows Brayden, and Lane Nails Jack in Vol. 6 of CF’s Fresh-Faced Freshmen.

Size: 3.37 GB

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