ClubInferno – Ace In The Hole (2022)

Studio Name: ClubInferno
Stars: Ace Stallion, Declan Blake, Blaze Austin
Description: When they say Ace in the Hole, it doesn’t mean someone has a good poker hand or that fresh-faced stud and newest kid on the cell block Ace Stallion is in solitary. It means Ace has his fist planted deep in one his fellow inmates, and they have one in his. Under the guidance of prolific kink director Tom Moore, watch as this perverted prisoner links up with his two latest conquests and discovers how to truly stretch yourself to the limits while behind bars. During his first day in jail, Ace Stallion finds himself meeting Blaze Austin and being escorted to his cell where hell have his first ever experience with another man. Blaze Austins XL bareback cock and hairy fist stretch out the newcomer in no time. Then, Ace returns the favor by using his fresh fists to completely destroy the veteran prisoners trained asshole. Now ready to take on every hole that he can find, Ace Stallion suggests some more hands-on ways for broke cellmate Declan Blake to settle his debts. Declan Blake is soon sucking down his cellmates cock and bending over to take his two manly fists. Ace Stallion then gets into position for a handsy Declan Blake to destroy his newly experienced fuck hole. As you see, to survive and thrive in prison, you just have to bend over, dig deep, and find your ‘Ace in the Hole’ just like gaping and gushing new inmate Ace Stallion.

Size: 3.37 GB

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