Catalina – The Rascal Joins The Wrestling Team (2001)

Studio Name: Catalina
Stars: Brandon Weber, Buck Meadows, Chris Sullivan, Ethan Richards, Jacob Hayes, Marc Kollis, Mark Long, Ryan Scott, Tony Alvarez
Description: They’re young and fun. And loaded with rock-solid exhuberance. Catalina presents The Rascal Joins the Wrestling Team, the second release in their hugely popular Freshman Features Series of 18-22 year old randy spunksters. Brandon Weber returns as the irascible Rascal, along with the non-sexual extras that give the Rascal Features their charm. If a “Young Man Alert!” is something you’re always on the lookout for, then be sure to look out for The Rascal Joins the Wrestling Team.

Size: 1.09 GB

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