Catalina – The Big One (1988)

Studio Name: Catalina
Stars: Troy Ramsey, Jim Moore, Brad Richardson, Sean Laurence, Nick Cougar, Brian Adams, Derek Jensen, Spark O’Toole, Mike Gregory, Kurt Bauer
Description: What happens sex wise when the big earthquake hits California? According to this video, whatever moves the earth also grabs hold of every guy’s gonads and precipitates an outbreak of horniness that won’t quit. Chet Thomas has combined a cast of hot, horny men and iconoclastic cinematography to create a lust fest of stormy man-to-man sex in the midst of a huge natural disaster. Everyone from furniture movers to paramedics to TV newsmen drop what they’re doing and turn to the nearest hot-looking guy to satisfy their libidos. These guys are cute, buffed, ever hard and lusty. Not a single one you wouldn’t want to live through an earthquake with. As the video opens, scene-setting special effects let us know something is about to happen.

Size: 996.11 MB

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