Catalina – Lunch Hour 2: Sweating Grease (1994)

Studio Name: Catalina
Stars: Terry Decarlo, Dan Lyons, Tom Braddock, Ron Pitts, Rod Majors, Xristian Ross, Dave Logan, Mark West, Dallas Taylor
Categories: ’90s, Age, Appearance, Big Dicks, Blue Collar Guys, Character, Classic, Daddies, Group Sex, Horse Hung, Muscled Men, Natural Body Hair, Orgy
Description: Partners in a gas station are Mark West, Terry Decarlo and Dan Lyons. Mark spots Dan in the back, and he decides that he will show him how it work. Rod is trying to tie Dallas up, but Rod’s big piece blocks his efforts so Terry takes it out and knocks Dallas out. Terry and Rod foil other thieves, and they have some hot orgie action just before the police arrive.

Size: 699.69 MB

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