Bijou – Song Of The Loon (1969)

Studio Name: Bijou
Stars: Brad Della Valle, Brad Fredericks, John Drake, John Iverson, John Kalfas, Jon Evans, Lancer Ward, Lucky Manning, Martin Valez, Michael Traxon, Morgan Royce, Robert Vilardi
Description: This groundbreaking classic gay love story made in 1969 is based on Richard Amory’s best-selling trilogy and set in the American wilderness of 1870. Tame by today’s permissive standards, Song of the Loon nevertheless remains one of the few examples of a sincere, well-produced film about unashamed and unpossessive gay male love. It was a landmark and controversial film for its promotion of “free love” rather than for its male nudity and kissing.

Size: 932.3 MB

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