Bijou – Sex Toilets 1 (1990)

Studio Name: Bijou
Stars: Casey Donovan, George Payne, B.J. Bare, Daniel Holt, Lew Seager, Bill Pollin, Jeff Stone, Pat Johnson, Keith Anthoni, Jack Wrangler, Eric Ryan, Ken Darrell, Tom Cord, Louie Tong, Giuseppe Welch, Dick Patrick, Michael Pen, Nick Lyme
Description: This vintage gay porn movie is a glory hole extravaganza that features legendary porn stars Casey Donovan, Jack Wrangler, and Eric Ryan. Seven vignettes showing hot T-room sex: Sex Toilets; Bartender’s Suck-Break; Men’s Room Fuckathon; Bookstore Fuck-Suck; White-Collar Toilet Fuck; Bathhouse Ass-Fuck; and Underground Blow Job. Enjoy Sex Toilets 1.

Size: 717.74 MB

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