Bijou – Oversize Load (1986)

Studio Name: Bijou
Stars: Codey Steele, Franco Gonella, Jason Steele, Jeff Turk, Jesse Adams, Ken Worth, Scott O’Hara, Steve Taylor
Description: If the lure, the freedom, and the masculine drive of the wide-open highway, truckers, and rigs gets your juices flowing and makes you grab your stick shift, Oversize Load is for you. The guys are all on the harsh and swarthy side, with a few real whopper cocks in the mix, most notably legendary Scott O’ Hara’s. There is lots of public sex, tea room, truck stop, and shower antics. They guys all are wear rugged gear: jeans, flannels shirts and boots. Oversize Load is signature Al Parker work complete with seedy locales, lots of oral action, and slow-motion cumshots: a real classic.

Size: 1.25 GB


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