BearFilms – Juicy Bears 2 (2022)

Studio Name: BearFilms
Stars: Adam Ram, Ale Tedesco, Brooklyn Bear, Buster Nastee, Claudio White, Dean Gauge, Steve Sommers, Tony Marks
Description: We were happy to pair Brooklyn with Dean for Brooklyn’s first scene. It took no time at all for Dean’s mouth to get to work. Quickly going from Brooklyn’s mouth to his beautiful cock as Dean worked his magic. Steve is happy being a daddy’s boy for the big, sexy, daddy bear Tony. As soon as they start making out, you can tell that they are both ready to have a good time. Then Steve pulls Tony’s thick cock out, and its game on. When Adam texted Ale that he was coming from the gym and was horny, he didn’t know what to expect. But when Adam came to the door in a blue singlet and a hard cock, Ale knew how to take care of him. Horny and ready for a fuck, Buster Nastee is back in front of the camera at Bear Films with bearded hipster cub Claudio White. The rough hairy, and hung versatile truly lives up to his name. This guy is nasty in the sexiest of ways. Just ask Claudio. Enjoy all Juicy Bears 2 has to offer.

Size: 3.3 GB

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