BearFilms – Hairy Fuckers 2 (2021)

Studio Name: BearFilms
Stars: Micah Martinez, Brian Bear, Lance Charger, Bearsilien, Guy English, Lobo, Jean Paul, Scott Matthews
Description: We all have our fetishes, but in the bear community, a hairy body is often seen as a badge of honor. And when you are getting hot, nasty, sweaty with a bear and see that hairy body glisten, it can send your dick into orbit. Thats just what you get with Hairy Fuckers 2 from Brian Bear, Lobo, Scott Matthews, Guy English, Lance Charger, Micah Martinez, Jean Paul, and Bearsilien. Furry daddy Brian comes home to a waiting bottom, ready to do whatever turns daddy-on. The sexy salt-and-pepper daddy Guy English shows his cub a good time on his thick cock. Micah loves going chest to chest with his muscle dad, as well as dick to ass. Jean Paul loves looking up at his furry daddy as he gets his ass pounded. I think we all need a hairy fucker…maybe two.

Size: 3.43 GB

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