BearFilms – Bears Home and Away (2022)

Studio Name: BearFilms
Stars: Daniel Thomas, Riley August, Bjorn Johnsson, Chipper Dane, Carlos Verga, Ale Tedesco, Justin West, Adam Jones
Description: Casting is not always easy, home or away, but Chipper is a new diamond and needs to be with the right guy. Then big sexy bear Bjorn walked into the room, and we knew we had a hot scene on our hands. Justin and Carlos met online. Now it’s time to take things to the next level. It turns out, with their sex drive, they were the perfect company for each other. It was a day of newbies as we met Riley and Daniel on a trip to the midwest. We watched as they fucked on the bed until Riley released a huge load all over Daniel’s face. Bearded daddy Ale is on his way to give Adam a haircut. He buzzes Adam’s head with clippers, giving the bearded young hunk of a cub a mohawk before finding a spot in the villa and getting down to the business of sucking and fucking in Bears Home and Away.

Size: 3.24 GB

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