BearFilms – Bear Urges 2 (2022)

Studio Name: BearFilms
Stars: Axel Wood, James Bolt, Julian Torres, Atlas Grant, John Lock, Phil Mehup, Jeremy Feist
Description: There was no way we could allow a new guy on set and not let John get the first shot at fucking his ass. We all knew Axel was in for a treat. John jumped on the cub as soon as they hit the bed. Atlas has always been a happy cub, but he was as giddy as a cub on his first day of school when playing with the sexy Julian. They didn’t make it past the door before they were kissing and showing off their hairy muscles and tattoos. James was horny as fuck and decided to take a relaxing trip to the sauna. Little did he know, Jeremy was ready to be all over him as soon as he saw him walking in. James was so hungry for a deep ass to drill that we had to call Phil to satisfy his beastly craving. It didn’t take long for Phil to answer the call, and he immediately started on James’s huge cock. Now indulge your own bear urges!

Size: 3.05 GB

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