BareTwinks – Innocent Twinks Are Fast Learners (2022)

Studio Name: BareTwinks
Stars: Elijah Young, Kris Cloud, Ashton Franco, Justin Underwood, Jasper King, Cameron Hilander, Cole Patrick, Chris Summers
Description: Everyone has to start somewhere and for these fresh-faced twinks, it starts right here. These Innocent Twinks are Fast Leaners, for whom the pleasures of gay sex come naturally. With their good looks, slim physiques and horse-hung cocks, they’re pretty much born for the roles they’re about to play; and it’s no time at all before each one of these handsome beauts is sucking dick like it’s their only objective in life. Not that they stop there, of course. Soon they’re taking turns to part their legs and fucking like the animals they are; all of which quickly culminates in a blistering show of pent-up spunk being unleashed.

Size: 4.28 GB

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