AlphaMale – Twisted Web (2007)

Studio Name: AlphaMales
Stars: Hung Joey, Billy Bong, Jarrod Whitman, Rick Chester, Mitch Milano, Martin Mazza, Kristian Winter, Nick Ford
Description: Twisted Web is the hot new film from Mike Esser. It stars eight awesomely hot spunks including Rick Chester, Martin Mazza and Kristian Winter… Rick and Kristian escape their boyfriend’s for a few days surfing… in reality, an orgy packed, ass pumping boy-fest. But the guys back home have some plans of their own! Introducing Nick Ford, Jarrod Whitman and Billy Bong, Twisted Web shows how these spunks fuck their way round the city and up the coast and get themselves tangled in a web of sex!

Size: 1.49 GB

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