AllWorldsVideo – Tales From The Foxhole (1999)

Studio Name: AllWorldsVideo
Stars: Lane Fuller, Matt Bandero, Haus Weston, Bryce London, Johnson, Lee, Leo Lyons, Billy Herrington
Description: Military queen Yates is at it again, exploiting an absolutely poultry-young batch of All-World exclusive boys for our pleasure. During wartime stress, two young bucks in a ditch do the ritual straight-boy thing: “I need pussy,” blah blah blah. Well, soon enough they’re talking ’bout their experiences with dick. And sucking it. And taking it inside their hup-two-three asses. There’s a number of “straight boy” scenarios, including the requisite drunk-boys-play (whew: ain’t it hot!), an alleged “interview” sequence (a la The Few, The Proud, The Naked series), in which a beefy military boy turns out to be a big ol’ bottom – fancy that, Mary! In addition, there’s a Hun-worthy threesome with a superior officer doling out orders and dick to his, er, privates. Four young hung privates stand jerking off while another boy services each and every one! Ten hut! A circle jerk around the captain’s hat completes the fantasy. Yates (who makes a cameo!) proves himself to be above average this go around, and his tender cast of boys will have you stalking local military bases in googly-eyed pursuit.

Size: 1.52 GB

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